The Importance of Budgets

A free budget template is key to getting ahead financially. Budget Connect offers a free monthly budget template to help get you back on track, or keep you working towards your savings goals. These days it can be all too easy to spend money you don’t have without even realising it.

People are moving more towards credit cards and away from the traditional debit card. This means the ability to overspend can occur before you know it. The issue with this is it puts you in a position where you need to take money allocated to one area and use it to pay a bill. Keeping on top of this spending can help you stay ahead of your expenses and on track to your savings goals.

If you find yourself in the type of scenario where you are taking money from your savings to pay a bill or spending your allocated money from the week ahead you may already be setting yourself back further than you think. The reason for this is simple, you can’t properly save until you have payed off your debt. The interest you have on your credit card gives you additional expenses that you may have not accounted for. The money you take from next week to pay for something this week leaves you with less for next week and before you know it, the money you have left is greatly reduced.

The Budget Connect free monthly budget gives you enough space to account for all of your bills and outgoings helping you to ensure that nothing is missed. If you want extra help, our Annual Budget has the option of adding spending tracking so as you can see where all of your money goes, on a week to week basis, as well as an annual total.

Jump on the budget template pages today to see which option is best for you!

What to do?

We would invite you to request one of our budget templates, either our monthly budget template here.

You can also request a personalised annual budget template here. Once this annual budget template is completed we can arrange a time for a confidential discussion with one of our team members to review your finances and see if there is anything further we can do to assist you improve your outlook.

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